# Introduction

The OpenGate Applications API is a Web REST based Interface that allows integration of external applications to the services provided by the OpenGate platform. The next figure shows the main features of the API:


The main features provided by the API are:

  • Inventory: Allows you to manage IoT/M2M physical resources as devices(communication devices, machines, sensors, etc.) and logical resources as communications lines (subscribers, subscriptions/lines).

  • Operations: Allows you to launch remote device operations over large amounts of inventory resources.

  • Alarms: Allows you to manage alarms associated to inventory resources.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Information: Allows you to manage non structured information using the data stream paradigm that abstracts all information retrieved from devices, sensors and machines as independent "signals" that evolve through the time.

  • Catalogs: Allows you to introduce and search the catalogued information used by the platform as Manufacturers, Models, Operations, Alarm Rules, …​

  • Admin/Config: Allows you to manage all administrable and configurable resources of the platform.

The main services are:

  • Provision Service: Allows to manage IoT/M2M resources inventory and all administrable resources provided by the platform.

  • Searching Service: Allows to retrieve all of the data managed by the platform using features as paging, filtering, sorting, etc. facilitating the handling of large amounts of information from devices, sensors, machines, etc. Through this API you can be walk through: Inventory resources, operations, alarms, data streams (IoT), etc.

  • Operations Service: Gives access to the operations engine and its scheduler to make easy performing remote operations (Diagnostics, Updating, other) on large amounts of devices, sensors or machines as an easy task.